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BLASTAWAY – Wasp & Hornet Spray
BLASTAWAY is an EPA registered, high di-electric, non-chlorinated wasp and hornet spray. This product sprays 15 to 20 feet and can be used indoors (attics and other places where nests are built) or outdoors on hornet, wasp and yellow jacket nests. Product should be applied in the evening after all the insects have returned to the nest. P/N #INSECT1020 MSDS PDF

Personal insect repellent, contains 22.56% DEET.

CS 101 – Roach & Ant Spray
CS 101 is an EPA registered, USDA authorized, residual crack and crevice insecticide spray. This cherry scented formulation contains diazinon for three to four weeks of residual control and pyrethrin for quick knockdown and flushing action. The dual action valve and spout allow the product to be sprayed in a powerful straight stream that can be directed into hard to reach areas or a less forceful mist pattern for use as a surface spray on baseboards, etc. P/N #INSECT1040 MSDS PDF

Lice, dust mite and bed bug multi-purpose insect spray.

DRIONE –Dessicant Powder
DRIONE is an EPA registered dust that provides quick control of a variety of insects. Kills up to 6 months if left undisturbed. Available in a 7 lb. pail. For industrial/commercial use only. P/N #INSECT1061

DUEL – Flying & Crawling Insect Killer
DUEL is an EPA registered, USDA authorized, water based flying and crawling insecticide. It contains a special resmethrin that provides both quick knockdown and three to four weeks of residual. This cherry scented formulation is effective as a space spray indoors or outdoors against flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. It can be used as a contact spray to kill roaches, spiders, fleas, centipedes and many other insects. P/N #INSECT1070 MSDS PDF

Bed bug killer, water-based 25(b) pesticide

Natural insect repellent; 25(b) insecticide, no DEET or harsh chemicals

ON TIME – Metered Insecticide
ON TIME Metered Insecticide can be used in commercial, food service and preparation areas of milk houses, hospitals, hotels, motels, factories, stores, ships, clubs, restaurants and schools. This blend of natural pyrethrin, piperonyl butoxide and MGK 264 is effective on flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. One can will treat up to 6,000 cubic feet of air space for 30 days, 24 hours a day. P/N #INSECT2080 MSDS PDF

SHIELD – Personal Insect Repellent
SHIELD is an EPA registered personal insect repellent that contains 23.75% DEET plus two additional repellents and synergists that provide outstanding repelling action. It repels mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks, biting flies and other small flying insects on exposed skin. Has a special valve that allows product to be sprayed in any position. P/N #INSECT3040

SUN SKEETER – Sunscreen/Insect Repellent Wipes
SUN SKEETER is an EPA registered premoistened wipe that contains 20% DEET. The greaseless formula is ideal for active users who do not want their skin protection to interfere with their activities and the sweat-resistant formula will not run into the user’s eyes. Available in a 100 count foil pack. 25 SPF rated. P/N #INSECT3067 MSDS PDF

10 HOUR – Insect Repellent
10 HOUR Insect Repellent contains 100% active ingredient: Diethyl-m-polyamide (DEET). With just one application, this strong repellent will protect workers from biting insects for up to 10 hours. This formulation has been found to be the most effective insect repellent known to man. Repels mosquitoes, black flies, fleas, no-see-ums, ticks, deer flies, gnats, sand fleas, chiggers, horse flies, stable flies, bees, etc. P/N #INSECT3080 MSDS PDF

TALSTAR – Concentrated Liquid
TALSTAR is an EPA registered, concentrated liquid that controls over 75 different pests and provides fast knockdown and long-lasting control. It is both a contact kill as well as a residual. Creates a long-lasting barrier that insects won’t penetrate for 45 days outdoors; 90 days indoors. Controls ants, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and fleas to pillbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs and millipedes and many other pests. Also controls termites. Available in 2 ½ gallon jugs. P/N #INSECT3084

TALSTAR – Granular Insecticide
TALSTAR is an EPA registered, granular insecticide for commercial applicators only. Controls ants (including Imported Fire Ants), mole crickets and other insect pests on lawns in landscaped areas and perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. Available in 25 lb. bags. P/N #INSECT3085 MSDS PDF