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BIG ORANGE – Tar & Adhesive Remover
BIG ORANGE contains a natural orange oil solvent to quickly cut through grease, oil, tar, adhesives, gum, ink, decals, crayon, and other soils. No chlorinated solvents, CFC’s or other ozone depleting chemicals. No harmful or unpleasant fumes. Will soften some surfaces, including some plastics; use with care. P/N #IM1040 MSDS PDF

COBRA – Coil & Fin Cleaner
COBRA is formulated to penetrate air-conditioner coils and fins to remove all types of soils. Upon contact with the surface of the coil, Cobra begins to react and flush soil to the surface. It is not necessary to rinse if applied in place to a functional unit that produces moisture. Rinsing is required on units that have been removed for repair or do not produce moisture during operation. P/N #IM1085 MSDS PDF

CORROSION X – Penetrant/Lubricant
CORROSION X is most useful and versatile product of its kind. This multifunctional product stops and prevents corrosion and rust. CORROSION X lubricates, penetrates, and repels moisture. Available in 6 oz. and 16 oz. spray can, heavy duty, gallon, trigger spray and for 4 oz. gun. P/N #IM2040

CRUNCH – Organic Engine Degreaser
CRUNCH is a USDA authorized concentrated blend of organic solvents in a gel base. The gel base allows product to cling to vertical and irregular surfaces. It works quickly to penetrate and emulsify tar, asphalt, grease, and oil. It washes off with water or solvent. This product is safe and easy to use. Spray on and wash off with water. Does not contain 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, CFC’s or petroleum distillates. P/N #IM2050 MSDS PDF

DEFENSE EF – Metal Parts Protector
DEFENSE EF is a USDA authorized product that coats metal parts to provide indefinite indoor protection and long lasting outdoor protection against rust and corrosion. Dries to a transparent amber color that can easily be seen through. Sets up to a hard flexible coating in 2 hours that can be welded or painted. Remove using kerosene or mineral spirits. Use on castings, cables, winches, pulleys, tools, dies, pipe threads, hoists, jigs and riggings. Contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents. P/N #IM2080 MSDS PDF

DETECT – Battery & Terminal Cleaner
DETECT Battery Terminal Cleaner cleans and neutralizes acid on terminals and cables of batteries. A color indicator is provided with the product to detect acid leaks. Product turns red on contact with battery acid. Battery Terminal Cleaner eliminates corrosion buildup, prolonging battery life and effectiveness. Severe corrosion may require light brushing. P/N #IM2081 MSDS PDF

FINISHING TOUCH – Foaming Tire Shine
FINISHING TOUCH Foaming Tire Shine cleans, protects and leaves a wet looking shine—all in one easy step. Clinging foam dissolves dirt and road grime and floats it away, leaving a beautiful, wet looking, long lasting shine. No wiping or scrubbing is needed. Can sprays upside down and right side up for ease of use at any angle. Will not harm wheels or wheel covers. For use on trucks, buses, automobiles, motor homes and motorcycles. P/N #CL2072 MSDS PDF

Methylene Chloride free paint remover.

OFF – Carburetor and Choke Cleaner
OFF is a USDA authorized product formulated to quickly clean and lubricate automatic chokes, PCV valves and systems, heat risers and carburetors. It rapidly cleans carburetors without removing them. Frees frozen or inoperative choke and carburetor linkages caused by dirty parts. Cleans out PCV valves and hoses to insure proper operation of the PCV system. This product has been thoroughly tested to insure no adverse effects to oxygen sensors. P/N #IM5020 MSDS PDF

PCC (Puncture Control Compound) disperses and adheres evenly throughout the tire’s inner liner, forming a continuous and semi-permanent layer of protection. As the compound enters a puncture and comes in contact with the outside air, it begins to cure forming a resilient rubber like plug. The repair is permanent and will remain air tight for the life of the tire. Eliminates rim & bead leaks, guaranteed for the life of the tire, anti-corrosive, fights rim rust, will not cause tire imbalance, will not dry out or breakdown, permanently seals 1/8” punctures.P/N#IM5040

Python Coil - Cleaner and Disinfectant
Non abrasive, virucidal disinfectant cleaner for evaporator coils on all types of residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration and equipment. Controls mold and mildew, and cuts grease. No rinsing required. P/N#IM5062

QUIK –ZINC – Galvanize Coating
QUIK-ZINC is a high quality, high solids, heavy duty zinc coating designed to provide corrosion protection on iron and steel surfaces. Prevents rust by galvanic action. Dries to a flexible 93% zinc dust coating that bends without chipping. Can be used as a protective final coating primer wherever iron or steel are exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions. P/N #IM4070 MSDS PDF

REJEX – Advanced Polymer Treatment
REJEX is an advanced polymer treatment – not a wax or polish – that seals and protects cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles and aircraft against bug splats, bird droppings, exhaust stains, oil, grease, tar and other dirt and grime. Plus, REJEX leaves an unbeatably deep, long lasting shine. P/N #IM6010

REVIVE – Rust Converter
REVIVE RUST CONVERTER is the quick and mess-free way to treat rusted surfaces. Chemically converts rust to an inert black polymer based coating that prevents future rust from forming. Eliminates the need for brushing, sandblasting or scraping before painting rusted surfaces. P/N #IM6013 MSDS PDF

SAFETY CLEAN – Solvent Degreaser
SAFETY CLEAN is a USDA authorized solvent cleaner. This powerful degreaser is non-flammable and non-conductive. It quickly cleans dirt, grease and oils from parts without leaving a residue. Safe for use on metal parts, circuit boards, electric motors and electronic equipment. An excellent replacement in applications where 1,1,1 trichloroethane is traditionally used. P/N #IM6060 MSDS PDF

SUPER SLEUTH – Leak Detectant
SUPER SLEUTH is a scientifically formulated leak detection solution for locating leaks in compressed air and gas systems. Suitable for use on oxygen systems. Is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic and contains no chlorine. Penetrates openings, cracks and/or poor connections to detect minute leaks and is usable over a temperature range from 32 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in 8 oz. and gallon. P/N #IM7050