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Bulk Liquids

BIG RED – Car & Truck Wash
BIG RED is a super concentrated car and truck wash. BIG RED is also designed as a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner. Its penetrating action removes a wide variety of soils, oils and road film accumulation with no extra effort. BIG RED is designed for use in any type of automatic car wash, for hand washing, or use in high pressure washers. This thick, rich, high-foaming liquid generates large volumes of safe effective cleaning suds that will not damage the finest finishes or remove wax from polished surfaces. It will not spot, streak or cause haze or damage to chrome or aluminum trim. P/N #B1005 MSDS PDF

CLASSIC – Car & Truck Wash CLASSIC is a highly concentrated car and truck wash. It is fast acting and literally floats off road soils and does not leave water streaks. CLASSIC is designed for use in any type of automatic car wash, for hand washing, or use in high pressure washers. It is highly concentrated and therefore requires only a small quantity in the wash solution to obtain the desired cleaning effect regardless of the extent of soils present. P/N #B1030

DOUBLE NICKEL – Cleaner/Degreaser
DOUBLE NICKEL effectively cleans white sidewall tires, floors, walls, tables, shower stalls, unpainted metal and wood surface, machinery, engines, trucks, cars, hoods, vent, grills, ovens, fans, plastic vinyl and leather upholstery, Venetian blinds, and many other surfaces. P/N #B1049

DYNAMITE – Heavy Duty Degreaser
DYNAMITE is a highly concentrated cleaner. It cleans platform decking, railing, stairs, all machinery, and equipment, including diesel engines, compressors, winches, turntables, accessible gantry, tanks, and piping. P/N #B1045 MSDS PDF

NEWTRA ’87 – Odor Neutralizer
NEWTRA ’87 is an odor neutralizer that is water soluble, non-staining, and pleasantly scented. NEWTRA ’87 is designed for use in areas where unwanted odors are a nuisance. P/N #B1055

OS 3000 – Heavy Duty Organic Degreaser
OS 3000 is a heavy duty organic degreaser that contains no petroleum distillates, no organic halides, and no alkalies. It is 100% bio-degradable. It contains no carcinogens listed by IARC, NTP, NIOSH, OSHA, and ACGIH. P/N #B1060

TRANS COOLANT – Machine Tool Coolant
Machine Tool Coolant that contains no silicone or sulfur and has a special corrosion inhibitor to protect finish work from flash rusting. For use in machining operations including grinding, tapping, drilling and lathing. A combination of lubricants, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and wetting agents enables it to perform with a chemical action that gives exceptional high cooling while providing lower cutting tool temperatures by transforming the heat to the coolant solution. The extremely high heat absorption factor enables the product to perform with less heat distortion and burning of metal, which is where other lower temperature products fail. P/N #B2005

Bulk liquids are available in 6 gallon and 55 gallon containers.